State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2009 Capoor, Karan Ambrosi, Philippe 2013-05-14T16:01:10Z 2013-05-14T16:01:10Z 2009-05
dc.description.abstract Over the past year, the global economy has cooled significantly, a far cry from the boom just a year ago in various countries and across markets. At the same time, the scientific community communicated the heightened urgency of taking action on climate change. Policymakers at national, regional, and international levels have put forward proposals to respond to the climate challenge. The most concrete of these is the adopted European Union (EU) climate and energy package (20 percent below 1990 levels by 2020), which guarantees a level of carbon market continuity beyond 2012. The EU package, along with proposals from the U.S. and Australia, tries to address the key issues of ambition, flexibility, scope, and competitiveness. Taken together, the proposals tabled by the major industrialized countries do not match the aggregate level of annex one ambition called for by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC (25-40 percent reductions below 1990). Setting targets in line with the science will send the right market signal to stimulate greater cooperation with developing countries to scale up mitigation. en
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher World Bank, Washington, DC
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject abatement
dc.subject abatement measures
dc.subject aggregate emissions
dc.subject allowance trading
dc.subject aluminum industries
dc.subject approach
dc.subject atmospheric concentrations
dc.subject auction
dc.subject auctions
dc.subject availability
dc.subject average emissions
dc.subject average price
dc.subject BALANCE
dc.subject baseline emissions
dc.subject Carbon
dc.subject carbon capture
dc.subject Carbon Finance
dc.subject carbon intensity
dc.subject Carbon Market
dc.subject carbon tax
dc.subject cement
dc.subject CFCs
dc.subject chlorofluorocarbons
dc.subject Clean Development Mechanism
dc.subject Clean Energy
dc.subject clean technologies
dc.subject clean technology
dc.subject Climate Change
dc.subject climate policy
dc.subject coal
dc.subject combustion
dc.subject Commerce
dc.subject commodity prices
dc.subject competitiveness
dc.subject Deforestation
dc.subject demonstration plants
dc.subject Developed Countries
dc.subject distribution systems
dc.subject economic growth
dc.subject economists
dc.subject Electric Power
dc.subject electric utilities
dc.subject electricity
dc.subject electricity generation
dc.subject Electricity Producers
dc.subject electricity sector
dc.subject electricity supply
dc.subject Emission
dc.subject emission cap
dc.subject Emission Reduction
dc.subject Emission Reductions
dc.subject emission targets
dc.subject Emissions
dc.subject emissions allowances
dc.subject emissions data
dc.subject emissions from energy
dc.subject emissions standards
dc.subject emissions targets
dc.subject energy efficiency
dc.subject energy efficiency measures
dc.subject Energy Outlook
dc.subject energy price
dc.subject energy prices
dc.subject energy production
dc.subject energy research
dc.subject energy resources
dc.subject energy savings
dc.subject energy sources
dc.subject energy technology
dc.subject energy use
dc.subject Environmental
dc.subject environmental integrity
dc.subject environmental performance
dc.subject environmental policies
dc.subject Environmental Protection
dc.subject Environmental Protection Agency
dc.subject financial market
dc.subject forestry
dc.subject fuel
dc.subject fuel combustion
dc.subject fuel price
dc.subject fuel quality
dc.subject fuels
dc.subject fugitive emissions
dc.subject gas distribution
dc.subject gases
dc.subject global climate change
dc.subject global environment
dc.subject Greenhouse
dc.subject Greenhouse Gas
dc.subject greenhouse gas emissions
dc.subject greenhouse gas reductions
dc.subject human health
dc.subject imports
dc.subject income
dc.subject inflation
dc.subject interest rates
dc.subject international competitiveness
dc.subject investments in energy
dc.subject Joint Implementation
dc.subject land use
dc.subject legislation
dc.subject liquid fuel
dc.subject maritime transport
dc.subject market instruments
dc.subject market price
dc.subject MARKET PRICES
dc.subject market value
dc.subject Member States
dc.subject natural ecosystems
dc.subject natural gas
dc.subject natural resources
dc.subject nitrous oxide
dc.subject oil
dc.subject oil markets
dc.subject oil price
dc.subject Political Economy
dc.subject polluters
dc.subject Pollution
dc.subject Pollution Reduction
dc.subject potential demand
dc.subject power
dc.subject power consumption
dc.subject power plants
dc.subject power producers
dc.subject power sector
dc.subject power utilities
dc.subject price cap
dc.subject price caps
dc.subject Price Control
dc.subject price forecast
dc.subject price increases
dc.subject price levels
dc.subject price volatility
dc.subject producers
dc.subject production costs
dc.subject purchasing
dc.subject rebate
dc.subject rebates
dc.subject reducing emissions
dc.subject reduction in emissions
dc.subject Renewable Electricity
dc.subject renewable energy
dc.subject renewable energy production
dc.subject renewable energy technologies
dc.subject renewable portfolio standards
dc.subject renewable source
dc.subject sale
dc.subject sales
dc.subject savings
dc.subject Solar Power
dc.subject spot market
dc.subject spot markets
dc.subject spread
dc.subject stabilization of emissions
dc.subject surplus
dc.subject Sustainable Development
dc.subject tax credits
dc.subject technological progress
dc.subject technology transfers
dc.subject utilities
dc.subject vehicle emissions
dc.subject vehicles
dc.subject volatility
dc.subject waste
dc.subject windfall profits
dc.title State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2009 en
dspace.entity.type Publication 2009-06-22
okr.doctype Publications & Research :: Working Paper
okr.globalpractice Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management
okr.globalpractice Environment and Natural Resources
okr.globalpractice Energy and Extractives
okr.globalpractice Finance and Markets
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okr.topic Energy :: Energy Production and Transportation
okr.topic Energy :: Energy and Environment
okr.topic Environment :: Environment and Energy Efficiency
okr.topic Environment :: Environmental Economics & Policies
okr.topic Macroeconomics and Economic Growth :: Markets and Market Access
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