Public Procurement of Energy Efficiency Services : Lessons from International Experience Singh, Jas Limaye, Dilip R. Henderson, Brian Shi, Xiaoyu 2013-05-24T15:51:12Z 2013-05-24T15:51:12Z 2010
dc.description.abstract This book explores energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) as a means of overcoming some of the more difficult hurdles in promoting energy efficiency in public facilities. ESPCs represent a very attractive solution to many of the problems that are unique to public agencies, since they involve outsourcing a full project cycle to a service provider. From the detailed audit through implementation and savings verification, ESPCs can relieve public agencies of bureaucratic hassles, while service providers can secure the off-budget project financing and be paid from the actual energy savings, thus internalizing project performance risks. ESPC bidding also allows public agencies to select from a range of technical solutions, maximizing the benefit to the agency. Global experience suggests that ESPCs have been more effective at realizing efficiency gains than many other policy measures and programs, since the service providers have a vested interest in ensuring that a project is actually implemented. Many of the country governments interviewed for the study also saw enormous potential in bundling, financing, and implementing energy efficiency projects on a larger scale in the public sector, a method that increases the rate of efficiency gains and creates further benefits through economies of scale. en
dc.identifier.isbn 978-0-8213-8062-8
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher Washington, DC: World Bank
dc.relation.ispartofseries Directions in Development--Energy and Mining;
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject air conditioning
dc.subject anecdotal evidence
dc.subject approach
dc.subject availability
dc.subject balance
dc.subject Barriers to Energy Efficiency
dc.subject building codes
dc.subject carbon dioxide
dc.subject carbon finance
dc.subject carbon finance operations
dc.subject carbon financing
dc.subject Certification Center
dc.subject certified emission reduction
dc.subject Clean Energy
dc.subject Climate
dc.subject Climate Change
dc.subject Climate Change Mitigation
dc.subject coal
dc.subject cogeneration
dc.subject commercial energy
dc.subject commercial equipment
dc.subject commitment to energy efficiency
dc.subject cooling
dc.subject district heating
dc.subject district heating systems
dc.subject economic activity
dc.subject economic growth
dc.subject efficiency gains
dc.subject efficiency improvement
dc.subject Efficiency Improvements
dc.subject efficiency potential
dc.subject efficient equipment
dc.subject electric power
dc.subject electricity
dc.subject electricity consumption
dc.subject emission
dc.subject emission reductions
dc.subject end use
dc.subject end user
dc.subject end users
dc.subject end uses
dc.subject end-use
dc.subject end-use consumption
dc.subject Energy Audit
dc.subject energy auditing
dc.subject Energy Audits
dc.subject energy bill
dc.subject energy bills
dc.subject Energy conservation
dc.subject Energy Conservation Products
dc.subject energy consumers
dc.subject energy consumption
dc.subject energy cost savings
dc.subject energy costs
dc.subject energy crisis
dc.subject energy demand
dc.subject Energy Efficiency
dc.subject Energy Efficiency Finance
dc.subject energy efficiency improvement
dc.subject energy efficiency improvements
dc.subject energy efficiency investments
dc.subject energy efficiency market
dc.subject Energy efficiency measures
dc.subject Energy Efficiency Programs
dc.subject energy efficient equipment
dc.subject energy management
dc.subject energy needs
dc.subject Energy Outlook
dc.subject energy outsourcing
dc.subject Energy Performance
dc.subject Energy Performance Contracting
dc.subject energy prices
dc.subject Energy pricing
dc.subject energy production
dc.subject energy reduction
dc.subject Energy Research
dc.subject Energy Savings
dc.subject Energy Savings Performance
dc.subject energy savings projects
dc.subject energy security
dc.subject Energy Service
dc.subject energy service companies
dc.subject Energy Service Company
dc.subject energy service providers
dc.subject energy services
dc.subject energy suppliers
dc.subject energy supply
dc.subject energy systems
dc.subject Energy Use
dc.subject environmental impacts
dc.subject environmental protection
dc.subject ESP
dc.subject financial performance
dc.subject financial returns
dc.subject financial services
dc.subject fossil
dc.subject fossil fuels
dc.subject free energy
dc.subject fuel
dc.subject Global Environment
dc.subject greenhouse
dc.subject greenhouse gas
dc.subject greenhouse gas emissions
dc.subject gross domestic product
dc.subject growth in energy demand
dc.subject heat
dc.subject heat recovery
dc.subject improving energy efficiency
dc.subject income
dc.subject infrastructure investment
dc.subject International Energy Agency
dc.subject investments in energy
dc.subject investments in energy efficiency
dc.subject jobs
dc.subject Lighting
dc.subject load management
dc.subject lower costs
dc.subject market for energy
dc.subject market for energy efficiency
dc.subject methane
dc.subject municipal water supply
dc.subject Natural Resources
dc.subject oil
dc.subject Oil Company
dc.subject oil equivalent
dc.subject oil prices
dc.subject penalties
dc.subject performance standards
dc.subject pipeline
dc.subject pollution
dc.subject Portfolio
dc.subject Power
dc.subject power generation
dc.subject present value
dc.subject primary energy
dc.subject principal-agent
dc.subject promoting energy efficiency
dc.subject quality energy
dc.subject Renewable Energies
dc.subject renewable energy
dc.subject Renewable Energy Development
dc.subject risk management
dc.subject Sustainable Development
dc.subject tons of carbon
dc.subject total electricity consumption
dc.subject total energy consumption
dc.subject transaction costs
dc.subject transactions costs
dc.subject Types of Energy
dc.subject utilities
dc.subject utility bills
dc.subject utility demand-side management
dc.subject vehicles
dc.subject ventilation
dc.subject waste
dc.subject waste recycling
dc.subject Wastewater treatment
dc.subject World Energy
dc.subject World Energy Outlook
dc.title Public Procurement of Energy Efficiency Services : Lessons from International Experience en
dspace.entity.type Publication
okr.crosscuttingsolutionarea Climate Change 2010-01-12
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okr.doctype Publications & Research
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okr.globalpractice Energy and Extractives
okr.globalpractice Energy and Extractives
okr.identifier.doi 10.1596/978-0-8213-8062-8 52456
okr.language.supported en France Germany India Japan UNITED STATES
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okr.topic Energy :: Energy Conservation & Efficiency
okr.topic Energy :: Energy Demand
okr.topic Energy :: Energy Production and Transportation
okr.topic Environment :: Environment and Energy Efficiency
okr.topic Macroeconomics and Economic Growth :: Climate Change Economics
okr.unit Energy Sectr Mngmt Assist Progrm (SEGES)
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