Brazil’s Primary Care Strategy Couttolenc, Bernard Dmytraczenko, Tania 2013-05-02T17:55:03Z 2013-05-02T17:55:03Z 2013-01
dc.description.abstract This case study summarizes the responses to the questionnaire on The Nuts and Bolts of the Program Expanding Health Coverage to the Poor, developed within the framework of the World Bank's UNICO - Universal Challenge Program. By so doing, it assesses the key features and the achievements and challenges of Brazil s Primary Care Strategy (PCS) and analyzes the contribution of this strategy to the establishment and implementation of universal coverage. Section 2 provides context for the discussion by summarizing key reforms and the impact of the PCS and describes Brazil s health care delivery and financing system. The institutional architecture and interaction of the health care program (HCP), in this case the PCS, is discussed in section 3. Sections 4 through 8 outline the main features of the strategy, including the identification and targeting of beneficiaries, management of public funds, services covered, and the information environment. The case study concludes with a discussion of lessons learned (section 9) and the pending agenda (section 10). en
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dc.publisher World Bank, Washington, DC
dc.relation.ispartofseries UNICO Studies Series;No. 2
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject access to health care
dc.subject access to services
dc.subject administrative rules
dc.subject Adult mortality
dc.subject Adult mortality rate
dc.subject age distribution
dc.subject aged
dc.subject breastfeeding
dc.subject budget allocation
dc.subject capitation
dc.subject capitation system
dc.subject child mortality
dc.subject child mortality rate
dc.subject choice of providers
dc.subject cities
dc.subject citizen
dc.subject Communicable diseases
dc.subject Community Health
dc.subject community participation
dc.subject cost of care
dc.subject cost-effectiveness
dc.subject deaths
dc.subject delivery system
dc.subject democracy
dc.subject dental care
dc.subject dental health
dc.subject developing countries
dc.subject development strategies
dc.subject diabetes
dc.subject disease control
dc.subject drinking water
dc.subject economic growth
dc.subject emergency rooms
dc.subject employment
dc.subject Epidemiology
dc.subject essential drugs
dc.subject families
dc.subject Family Health
dc.subject fee-for-service
dc.subject fee-for-service basis
dc.subject fertility
dc.subject fewer people
dc.subject financial contributions
dc.subject financial management
dc.subject financial risks
dc.subject global budgets
dc.subject gross domestic product
dc.subject health care
dc.subject Health Care Delivery
dc.subject health care needs
dc.subject health care networks
dc.subject health care provision
dc.subject Health Care Use
dc.subject health care utilization
dc.subject Health committees
dc.subject health conditions
dc.subject Health Coverage
dc.subject health determinants
dc.subject Health Economics
dc.subject health education
dc.subject health expenditure
dc.subject Health Expenditures
dc.subject health indicators
dc.subject health insurance
dc.subject Health Interventions
dc.subject health management
dc.subject health organizations
dc.subject health outcomes
dc.subject health planning
dc.subject Health Policy
dc.subject health problems
dc.subject health professionals
dc.subject health professions
dc.subject health promotion
dc.subject health promotion activities
dc.subject health providers
dc.subject health reform
dc.subject Health reforms
dc.subject health risks
dc.subject health sector
dc.subject health services
dc.subject health spending
dc.subject health status
dc.subject health status indicators
dc.subject Health Strategy
dc.subject Health System
dc.subject Health System Performance
dc.subject Health System Reform
dc.subject health systems
dc.subject health workers
dc.subject healthcare services
dc.subject HIV/AIDS
dc.subject home visits
dc.subject hospital
dc.subject hospital beds
dc.subject hospital care
dc.subject hospital services
dc.subject hospitalization
dc.subject hospitals
dc.subject Human Development
dc.subject human resources
dc.subject Hypertension
dc.subject ill health
dc.subject immunization
dc.subject income
dc.subject income countries
dc.subject income distribution
dc.subject indigenous groups
dc.subject Indigenous Peoples
dc.subject inequity in health
dc.subject infant
dc.subject infant mortality
dc.subject infant mortality rate
dc.subject informal sector
dc.subject informal sector workers
dc.subject information campaigns
dc.subject information system
dc.subject information systems
dc.subject inpatient care
dc.subject insurance
dc.subject insurance coverage
dc.subject Insurance premiums
dc.subject insurance schemes
dc.subject integrated health care
dc.subject integration
dc.subject labor supply
dc.subject laws
dc.subject level of poverty
dc.subject Life expectancy
dc.subject Life expectancy at birth
dc.subject live births
dc.subject living conditions
dc.subject living standards
dc.subject low income
dc.subject maternal mortality
dc.subject medical care
dc.subject medical needs
dc.subject Medical School
dc.subject Ministry of Education
dc.subject Ministry of Health
dc.subject morbidity
dc.subject mortality
dc.subject National Health
dc.subject National Health System
dc.subject nonprofit hospitals
dc.subject nurse
dc.subject Nurses
dc.subject nursing
dc.subject nursing care
dc.subject nutrition
dc.subject oral health
dc.subject outpatient care
dc.subject Outpatient Services
dc.subject outreach activities
dc.subject patient
dc.subject patients
dc.subject Pharmacy
dc.subject physician
dc.subject Physicians
dc.subject pocket payments
dc.subject poor families
dc.subject pregnant women
dc.subject Primary Care
dc.subject primary health care
dc.subject Private ambulatory care
dc.subject private financing
dc.subject private health insurance
dc.subject private hospitals
dc.subject private insurance
dc.subject Private insurers
dc.subject Private pharmacies
dc.subject private sector
dc.subject progress
dc.subject provider payment
dc.subject provision of care
dc.subject provision of health care
dc.subject Public Expenditure
dc.subject public expenditure on health
dc.subject public health
dc.subject Public Health Expenditures
dc.subject public health services
dc.subject public health system
dc.subject public sector
dc.subject public services
dc.subject public spending
dc.subject quality of life
dc.subject rate of growth
dc.subject regional networks
dc.subject resource allocation
dc.subject resource constraints
dc.subject right to health care
dc.subject risk factors
dc.subject rural areas
dc.subject school enrolment
dc.subject screening
dc.subject Service Delivery
dc.subject Sick leave
dc.subject social control
dc.subject social marketing
dc.subject social movements
dc.subject social participation
dc.subject social programs
dc.subject social sectors
dc.subject Social Security
dc.subject social services
dc.subject state governments
dc.subject surgery
dc.subject teaching hospitals
dc.subject tuberculosis
dc.subject tuberculosis cases
dc.subject universal access
dc.subject universal right
dc.subject urban areas
dc.subject urban centers
dc.subject vaccination
dc.subject vulnerability
dc.subject vulnerable groups
dc.subject vulnerable populations
dc.subject workers
dc.title Brazil’s Primary Care Strategy en
dc.title 0 es
dc.title.alternative La estrategia de atencion primaria de Brasil es
dspace.entity.type Publication 2013-01-31
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okr.region.administrative Latin America & Caribbean Brazil
okr.topic Health, Nutrition and Population :: Health Economics & Finance
okr.topic Health, Nutrition and Population :: Health Monitoring & Evaluation
okr.topic Health, Nutrition and Population :: Health Systems Development & Reform
okr.topic Health, Nutrition and Population :: Population Policies
okr.topic Public Sector Development
okr.topic Public Sector Expenditure Policy
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okr.unit Health, Nutrition & Popultn Team (HDNHE)
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