Citizen-Driven Innovation: A Guidebook for City Mayors and Public Administrators Eskelinen, Jarmo Garcia Robles, Ana Lindy, Ilari Marsh, Jesse Muente-Kunigami, Arturo
dc.contributor.editor Eskelinen, Jarmo
dc.contributor.editor Garcia Robles, Ana
dc.contributor.editor Lindy, Ilari
dc.contributor.editor Marsh, Jesse
dc.contributor.editor Muente-Kunigami, Arturo 2015-06-01T16:28:21Z 2015-06-01T16:28:21Z 2015-05-27
dc.description.abstract This guidebook aims to bring citizen-driven innovation to policy makers and change agents around the globe, by spreading good practice on open and participatory approaches as applied to digital service development in different nations, climates, cultures, and urban settings. The report explores the concept of smart cities through a lens that promotes citizens as the driving force of urban innovation. Different models of smart cities are presented, showing how citizen-centric methods have been used to mobilize resources to respond to urban innovation challenges in a variety of situations, objectives, and governance structures. The living lab approach strengthens these processes as one of the leading methods for agile development or the rapid prototyping of ideas, concepts, products, services, and processes in a highly decentralized and user-centric manner. By adopting these approaches and promoting citizen-driven innovation, cities around the world are aiming to alleviate the demand for services, increase the quality of delivery, and promote local entrepreneurship. This guidebook is structured into seven main sections: an introductory section describes the vision of a humanly smart city, in order to give an idea of the kind of result that can be attained from opening up and applying citizen-driven innovation methods. Chapter one getting started helps mayors launch co-design initiatives, exploring innovation processes founded on trust and verifying the benefits of opening up. Chapter two, building a strategy identifies the key steps for building an innovation partnership and together defining a sustainable city vision and scenarios for getting there. Chapter three, co-designing solutions looks at the process of unpacking concrete problems, working creatively to address them, and following up on implementation. Chapter four, ensuring sustainability describes key elements for long-term viability: evaluation and impact assessment, appropriate institutional structuring, and funding and policy support. Chapter five, joining forces suggests ways to identify a unique role for participation in international networks and how to best learn from cooperation. Finally, the report provides a starter pack with some of the more commonly used tools and methods to support the kinds of activities described in this guidebook. en
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher World Bank, Washington, DC, and European Network of Living Labs
dc.rights CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank and ENoLL
dc.subject mobile applications
dc.subject harmonization
dc.subject international investments
dc.subject open development
dc.subject uct
dc.subject public administrations
dc.subject e-mail
dc.subject creative collaboration
dc.subject equipment
dc.subject technology infrastructures
dc.subject prototype
dc.subject communication technologies
dc.subject private partnership
dc.subject esp
dc.subject installation
dc.subject collection of information
dc.subject global markets
dc.subject materials
dc.subject search
dc.subject interfaces
dc.subject e-service
dc.subject capability
dc.subject video
dc.subject technology parks
dc.subject financial resources
dc.subject information
dc.subject joint venture
dc.subject monitoring
dc.subject entry point
dc.subject impact assessment
dc.subject menu
dc.subject privacy
dc.subject business association
dc.subject smart applications
dc.subject information industry
dc.subject copyright
dc.subject information sharing
dc.subject intellectual property rights
dc.subject business models
dc.subject price
dc.subject verification
dc.subject e-services
dc.subject enabling environment
dc.subject e-government
dc.subject computer
dc.subject translation
dc.subject new technologies
dc.subject front-end
dc.subject institutions
dc.subject link
dc.subject data
dc.subject global economy
dc.subject control systems
dc.subject silos
dc.subject data policy
dc.subject technology park
dc.subject functionalities
dc.subject domain
dc.subject distribution networks
dc.subject license
dc.subject value chains
dc.subject globalization
dc.subject portable devices
dc.subject product design
dc.subject business services
dc.subject financial institutions
dc.subject marketing
dc.subject electrical energy
dc.subject connectivity
dc.subject service provider
dc.subject web
dc.subject digital media
dc.subject links
dc.subject action plan
dc.subject silo
dc.subject material
dc.subject digital services
dc.subject mobile communication
dc.subject mobile service
dc.subject business service
dc.subject capabilities
dc.subject innovation programs
dc.subject telephone
dc.subject transactions
dc.subject technology platforms
dc.subject users
dc.subject phone
dc.subject installations
dc.subject technology
dc.subject r&d
dc.subject digital innovation
dc.subject prototypes
dc.subject pdf
dc.subject pilot testing
dc.subject procurement
dc.subject social services
dc.subject software
dc.subject results
dc.subject user communities
dc.subject mobile phone
dc.subject gps
dc.subject electricity
dc.subject fair trade
dc.subject mobile services
dc.subject networks
dc.subject user community
dc.subject fax
dc.subject localization
dc.subject videos
dc.subject protocols
dc.subject end-users
dc.subject end-user
dc.subject private sector
dc.subject efficient administration
dc.subject transparent way
dc.subject paradigm shift
dc.subject images
dc.subject queries
dc.subject web portal
dc.subject administration
dc.subject telephone system
dc.subject result
dc.subject collaboration technology
dc.subject innovation policy
dc.subject economic development
dc.subject creative collaborations
dc.subject ict
dc.subject www
dc.subject security
dc.subject licenses
dc.subject blog
dc.subject digital service
dc.subject peer-to-peer
dc.subject network
dc.subject businesses
dc.subject business
dc.subject supermarkets
dc.subject phones
dc.subject id
dc.subject action plans
dc.subject performance
dc.subject public administration
dc.subject lan
dc.subject business plans
dc.subject policy support
dc.subject transportation networks
dc.subject market places
dc.subject innovation
dc.subject economic activities
dc.subject institution
dc.subject mobile phones
dc.subject profit
dc.subject protocol
dc.subject financial support
dc.subject intellectual property
dc.subject communication
dc.subject new technology
dc.subject user groups
dc.subject business model
dc.subject end users
dc.subject interface
dc.subject photo
dc.subject technologies
dc.subject business planning
dc.subject collaboration technologies
dc.subject end user
dc.subject web site
dc.subject uses
dc.subject quality of service
dc.subject innovations
dc.subject user
dc.subject technical standards
dc.title Citizen-Driven Innovation en
dc.title.subtitle A Guidebook for City Mayors and Public Administrators en
dc.type Report en
dc.type Rapport fr
dc.type Informe es
dspace.entity.type Publication 2015-05-27
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okr.topic Science and Technology Development :: Technology Innovation
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