Health Financing Reform in Thailand : Toward Universal Coverage under Fiscal Constraints Hanvoravongchai, Piya 2013-05-06T15:43:08Z 2013-05-06T15:43:08Z 2013-01
dc.description.abstract Thailand's model of health financing and its ability to rapidly expand health insurance coverage to its entire population presents an interesting case study. Even though it is still a middle-income country with limited fiscal resources, the country managed to reach universal health insurance coverage through three main public schemes: the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS), the Social Security Scheme (SSS), and the Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme (CSMBS). The UCS, which is the largest and most instrumental scheme in the expansion of coverage to the poor and to those in the informal sector, is the focus of this report. It describes the nuts and bolts of the UCS as a key component of the health financing system in Thailand. It analyzes Thailand's experience in health insurance coverage expansion within limited fiscal constraints through various mechanisms to contain costs. It also explores the two commonly discussed approaches for the universal coverage movement: the expansion model (starting from covering the poor and formal sector to universal coverage) and the comprehensive approach (covering the entire population at the same time). en
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dc.publisher World Bank,Washington DC
dc.relation.ispartofseries UNICO Study Series;No. 20
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dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject access to health care
dc.subject access to services
dc.subject adult mortality
dc.subject Adult mortality rate
dc.subject adverse selection
dc.subject adverse selection problems
dc.subject aged
dc.subject big cities
dc.subject budget allocation
dc.subject budget cap
dc.subject budget ceiling
dc.subject budget constraints
dc.subject budget increase
dc.subject budgetary impact
dc.subject capitation
dc.subject capitation payment
dc.subject cataract surgery
dc.subject catastrophic health expenditure
dc.subject catastrophic health spending
dc.subject Center for Health
dc.subject cervical cancer
dc.subject cervical cancer screening
dc.subject child survival
dc.subject choice of provider
dc.subject cities
dc.subject citizens
dc.subject civil society organizations
dc.subject clinical staff
dc.subject clinics
dc.subject Communicable diseases
dc.subject community health
dc.subject cost control
dc.subject cost sharing
dc.subject cost-effectiveness
dc.subject costs of health care
dc.subject Decision making
dc.subject demand for services
dc.subject developing countries
dc.subject diabetes
dc.subject diagnosis
dc.subject Drug Administration
dc.subject Drug List
dc.subject drug supply
dc.subject drugs
dc.subject early detection
dc.subject elderly
dc.subject emergencies
dc.subject emergency medical care
dc.subject emergency services
dc.subject ethical considerations
dc.subject families
dc.subject fee schedule
dc.subject fee schedules
dc.subject Financial impact
dc.subject financial incentives
dc.subject financial risk
dc.subject financial risks
dc.subject Global Health
dc.subject Health Affairs
dc.subject health care
dc.subject health care centers
dc.subject health care finance
dc.subject health care financing
dc.subject Health Care Information
dc.subject health care provider
dc.subject health care providers
dc.subject health care provision
dc.subject Health Care Reform
dc.subject health care services
dc.subject Health Care System
dc.subject health care utilization
dc.subject health centers
dc.subject health conditions
dc.subject Health Coverage
dc.subject Health Expenditure
dc.subject health facilities
dc.subject Health Financing
dc.subject Health Financing Reform
dc.subject health financing system
dc.subject health funding
dc.subject health information
dc.subject health insurance
dc.subject health insurance program
dc.subject health insurance schemes
dc.subject health insurance system
dc.subject health interventions
dc.subject health needs
dc.subject Health Organization
dc.subject health outcomes
dc.subject Health Policy
dc.subject health posts
dc.subject health professionals
dc.subject health promotion
dc.subject Health Reforms
dc.subject health sector
dc.subject health service
dc.subject Health Services
dc.subject health spending share
dc.subject Health System
dc.subject health system performance
dc.subject health systems
dc.subject Health Systems Research
dc.subject health workers
dc.subject health workforce
dc.subject healthcare
dc.subject healthcare services
dc.subject HIV/AIDS
dc.subject hospital
dc.subject Hospital Accreditation
dc.subject hospital beds
dc.subject hospitals
dc.subject household surveys
dc.subject hypertension
dc.subject ill health
dc.subject Immunization
dc.subject incentive payments
dc.subject incidence analysis
dc.subject income
dc.subject income countries
dc.subject infant
dc.subject infant mortality
dc.subject Infant mortality rate
dc.subject informal sector
dc.subject informal sector workers
dc.subject information system
dc.subject injuries
dc.subject inpatient admission
dc.subject inpatient care
dc.subject Intervention
dc.subject large population
dc.subject liability
dc.subject life expectancy
dc.subject Life expectancy at birth
dc.subject Medical Benefit
dc.subject medical doctors
dc.subject Medical Services
dc.subject medication
dc.subject medicines
dc.subject Mental Health
dc.subject Ministry of Education
dc.subject moral hazard
dc.subject morbidity
dc.subject mortality
dc.subject national campaign
dc.subject National Health
dc.subject national health spending
dc.subject national policy
dc.subject nationals
dc.subject number of people
dc.subject nurses
dc.subject nursing
dc.subject outpatient care
dc.subject outpatient services
dc.subject patient
dc.subject patient participation
dc.subject patients
dc.subject pharmaceutical companies
dc.subject pharmacists
dc.subject Pharmacoeconomics
dc.subject Physician
dc.subject Physicians
dc.subject pocket payments
dc.subject policy makers
dc.subject political climate
dc.subject Political leadership
dc.subject political party
dc.subject pregnant women
dc.subject prescriptions
dc.subject primary care
dc.subject private clinics
dc.subject private hospitals
dc.subject private insurers
dc.subject private pharmacies
dc.subject private sector
dc.subject provider payment
dc.subject provision of care
dc.subject Public Health
dc.subject public health care
dc.subject public health insurance
dc.subject public health insurance scheme
dc.subject public health services
dc.subject public hospitals
dc.subject public insurance
dc.subject public insurance schemes
dc.subject public providers
dc.subject public schemes
dc.subject public sector
dc.subject purchaser-provider split
dc.subject quality care
dc.subject Quality Control
dc.subject quality improvement
dc.subject quality of care
dc.subject rehabilitation
dc.subject research community
dc.subject richer populations
dc.subject rural areas
dc.subject screening
dc.subject service providers
dc.subject service provision
dc.subject share of public spending
dc.subject small enterprises
dc.subject Social Security
dc.subject surgery
dc.subject technical capacity
dc.subject therapeutics
dc.subject treatments
dc.subject Tuberculosis
dc.subject universal access
dc.subject universal health insurance coverage
dc.subject urban areas
dc.subject user fees
dc.subject vaccinations
dc.subject Visits
dc.subject workers
dc.subject World Health Organization
dc.title Health Financing Reform in Thailand : Toward Universal Coverage under Fiscal Constraints en
dspace.entity.type Publication 2013-02-01
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okr.topic Health, Nutrition and Population :: Population Policies
okr.topic Law and Development :: Health Law
okr.unit Health, Nutrition & Popultn Team (HDNHE)
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