State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2008 Capoor, Karan Ambrosi, Philippe 2013-05-14T17:10:57Z 2013-05-14T17:10:57Z 2008-05
dc.description.abstract The carbon market is the most visible result of early regulatory efforts to mitigate climate change. Regulation constraining carbon emissions has spawned an emerging carbon market that was valued at US$64 billion (Euro 47 billion) in 2007. Its biggest success so far has been to send market signals for the price of mitigating carbon emissions. This, in turn, has stimulated innovation and carbon abatement worldwide, as motivated individuals, communities, companies and governments have cooperated to reduce emissions. The European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) market has been successful in its mission of reducing emissions through internal abatement at home, and of stimulating emission reductions abroad. The European Commission, learning from the experience of Phase I, has strengthened several important design elements for EU ETS Phase II. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) accounted for the vast majority of project-based transactions (at 87 percent of volumes and 91percent of values) and JI saw transacted volumes doubling and values tripling in 2007 over the previous year. The CDM alone saw primary transactions worth US$7.4 billion (Euro 5.4 billion), with demand coming mainly from private sector entities in the EU, but also from EU governments and Japan. en
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dc.publisher World Bank, Washington, DC
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject ABATEMENT
dc.subject accounting
dc.subject aggregate level
dc.subject Allowance markets
dc.subject ammonia
dc.subject annual emissions
dc.subject asset classes
dc.subject auction
dc.subject auctions
dc.subject average price
dc.subject balance
dc.subject balance sheet
dc.subject balance sheets
dc.subject bankruptcy
dc.subject barriers to entry
dc.subject Brokers
dc.subject call options
dc.subject capacity constraint
dc.subject capital adequacy
dc.subject capital inflow
dc.subject capitalization
dc.subject Carbon
dc.subject carbon abatement
dc.subject carbon asset
dc.subject carbon assets
dc.subject carbon capture
dc.subject carbon credits
dc.subject carbon dioxide
dc.subject carbon dioxide equivalent
dc.subject carbon emissions
dc.subject Carbon Finance
dc.subject carbon funds
dc.subject Carbon Investment
dc.subject Carbon Market
dc.subject Carbon Markets
dc.subject carbon mitigation
dc.subject carbon payments
dc.subject carbon purchase
dc.subject carbon purchase transactions
dc.subject carbon sequestration
dc.subject carbon tax
dc.subject Certified Emission Reductions
dc.subject Clean Development
dc.subject Clean Development Mechanism
dc.subject Clean Energy
dc.subject Climate Action
dc.subject Climate Change
dc.subject climate change agreement
dc.subject climate change negotiations
dc.subject climate change strategy
dc.subject Climate Change Team
dc.subject climate policy
dc.subject climate protection
dc.subject commercial contracts
dc.subject competitiveness
dc.subject cost abatement opportunities
dc.subject credibility
dc.subject credit enhancement
dc.subject credit policies
dc.subject credit quality
dc.subject credit risk
dc.subject credit risks
dc.subject debt
dc.subject deforestation
dc.subject derivative
dc.subject derivative contracts
dc.subject derivatives
dc.subject developed countries
dc.subject developing countries
dc.subject developing country
dc.subject diesel
dc.subject dividends
dc.subject domestic emissions
dc.subject economic growth
dc.subject Economics
dc.subject electricity
dc.subject eligible credits
dc.subject Emission
dc.subject emission reduction
dc.subject emission reduction programs
dc.subject emission reductions
dc.subject Emission Reductions Transactions
dc.subject Emission Trading
dc.subject Emissions
dc.subject Emissions Data
dc.subject emissions growth
dc.subject Emissions Reductions
dc.subject energy efficiency
dc.subject energy prices
dc.subject environmental
dc.subject environmental integrity
dc.subject environmental performance
dc.subject equity investment
dc.subject financial institutions
dc.subject financial instrument
dc.subject financial instruments
dc.subject financial market
dc.subject financial markets
dc.subject financial resources
dc.subject foreign exchange
dc.subject forestry
dc.subject fuel
dc.subject fuel prices
dc.subject fuel switching
dc.subject fund manager
dc.subject fungible
dc.subject Future contracts
dc.subject futures
dc.subject Futures contracts
dc.subject gas project
dc.subject gas projects
dc.subject gases
dc.subject generation
dc.subject global carbon market
dc.subject global climate change
dc.subject global emissions
dc.subject global greenhouse gas
dc.subject global greenhouse gas emissions
dc.subject global market
dc.subject grace period
dc.subject greenhouse gas emissions
dc.subject greenhouse gas reduction
dc.subject initial yield
dc.subject institutional investors
dc.subject international climate negotiations
dc.subject International Transaction
dc.subject investment banks
dc.subject investment decision
dc.subject Investment Funds
dc.subject issuance
dc.subject issuances
dc.subject Joint Implementation
dc.subject land-use activities
dc.subject Legislation
dc.subject letters of credit
dc.subject liquidity
dc.subject LLC
dc.subject loan
dc.subject Mark to market
dc.subject market analysts
dc.subject Market Demand
dc.subject market development
dc.subject market governance
dc.subject Market infrastructure
dc.subject market participant
dc.subject Market participants
dc.subject market price
dc.subject market share
dc.subject market transaction
dc.subject market trends
dc.subject market value
dc.subject marketplaces
dc.subject Methane
dc.subject national emissions
dc.subject nitrous oxide
dc.subject offset project
dc.subject oil
dc.subject oil prices
dc.subject partial guarantees
dc.subject performance risk
dc.subject perverse incentives
dc.subject petroleum
dc.subject petroleum industry
dc.subject pipeline
dc.subject policy makers
dc.subject portfolio
dc.subject portfolio risk
dc.subject portfolios
dc.subject potential demand
dc.subject power
dc.subject power producers
dc.subject power sector
dc.subject price control
dc.subject price formation
dc.subject price transparency
dc.subject price trends
dc.subject primary energy
dc.subject Primary Market
dc.subject Private Capital
dc.subject producers
dc.subject production of electricity
dc.subject purchasing
dc.subject rate of return
dc.subject reducing emissions
dc.subject Regional Emissions
dc.subject regulatory infrastructure
dc.subject regulatory system
dc.subject regulatory systems
dc.subject renewable energy
dc.subject renewable energy projects
dc.subject reserve
dc.subject returns
dc.subject risk management
dc.subject Risk Profiles
dc.subject sale
dc.subject sales
dc.subject secondary carbon markets
dc.subject Secondary markets
dc.subject securities
dc.subject settlement
dc.subject spread
dc.subject supply of credits
dc.subject Sustainable Development
dc.subject swaps
dc.subject tax
dc.subject thermal input
dc.subject total emissions
dc.subject Trading
dc.subject tranche
dc.subject tranches
dc.subject Transaction
dc.subject transaction cost
dc.subject Transaction Costs
dc.subject utilities
dc.subject validation stage
dc.subject vehicles
dc.subject waste management
dc.subject weather patterns
dc.subject wind
dc.subject windfall profits
dc.title State and Trends of the Carbon Market 2008 en
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okr.crosscuttingsolutionarea Climate Change 2008-07-08
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okr.topic Environment :: Carbon Policy and Trading
okr.topic Environment :: Environmental Economics & Policies
okr.topic Finance and Financial Sector Development :: Debt Markets
okr.topic Macroeconomics and Economic Growth :: Markets and Market Access
okr.unit Carbon Finance (CPFCF)
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