Telecommunications Regulation Handbook : Tenth Anniversary Edition Blackman, Colin Srivastava, Lara
dc.contributor.editor Blackman, Colin
dc.contributor.editor Srivastava, Lara 2013-05-01T16:53:07Z 2013-05-01T16:53:07Z 2011
dc.description.abstract Communications are an essential means for reaching the, bottom of the Pyramid, and enabling individuals to reduce poverty and improve the quality of their lives. We currently live in a world in which more Africans have access to a mobile phone than to any other utility or infrastructure service. This widespread technological dissemination creates new opportunities across all segments of society, but also presents new challenges requiring adaptable strategies. Today's communications landscape is vastly different from the environment in which we developed the first telecommunications regulation handbook ten years ago. Competitive and open communications markets have created opportunities in countries that previously lagged behind. Competitively priced and technologically varied service offerings have allowed businesses to compete and thrive globally. However, there are still serious market gaps (such as providing widespread high speed broadband services at affordable prices and connectivity to remote areas), that, when coupled with evolving and converging technologies, pose challenges to policymakers and regulators. This new edition of the telecommunications regulation handbook captures the new market and regulatory strategies to optimize investment in broadband networks and Information and Communication Technology, or ICT services. As the following chapters show, many of the evolutionary and revolutionary changes in regulation that made possible the mobile miracle of connecting 5 billion users worldwide with access to ICTs, as well as over a billion fixed and mobile broadband subscribers, are still valid today. But for markets to truly flourish, regulators also need new, inspired regulatory approaches that are as innovative as the technologies they regulate. en
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher World Bank and the International Telecommunication Union, Washington, DC
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject 3G
dc.subject access to services
dc.subject access to the Internet
dc.subject back-office
dc.subject barriers to entry
dc.subject BASIC
dc.subject best practice
dc.subject best-practice
dc.subject blog
dc.subject broadband
dc.subject broadband connections
dc.subject broadband network
dc.subject broadband networks
dc.subject broadcast
dc.subject broadcasting
dc.subject business innovation
dc.subject business models
dc.subject business operations
dc.subject business plans
dc.subject business process
dc.subject businesses
dc.subject cable television
dc.subject capability
dc.subject collaboration
dc.subject Communication Technologies
dc.subject communication technology
dc.subject Communications technologies
dc.subject communications technology
dc.subject Competition Law
dc.subject competition policy
dc.subject competitive environment
dc.subject Competitive Markets
dc.subject competitive practices
dc.subject competitiveness
dc.subject components
dc.subject consumer protection
dc.subject content production
dc.subject Copying
dc.subject Copyright
dc.subject customs
dc.subject customs clearance
dc.subject decision-making
dc.subject Digital
dc.subject digital age
dc.subject digital cameras
dc.subject Digital Content
dc.subject digital divide
dc.subject digital economy
dc.subject digital information
dc.subject Digital technologies
dc.subject digital television
dc.subject digitalization
dc.subject Dispute Resolution
dc.subject DVD
dc.subject e-commerce
dc.subject e-government
dc.subject e-mail
dc.subject e-services
dc.subject ecommerce
dc.subject economic activity
dc.subject economic development
dc.subject economics
dc.subject economies of scale
dc.subject electricity
dc.subject enabling environment
dc.subject enabling environments
dc.subject engineering
dc.subject entertainment
dc.subject equipment
dc.subject fair competition
dc.subject file sharing
dc.subject foreign investment
dc.subject fraud
dc.subject functionalities
dc.subject Functionality
dc.subject gateways
dc.subject global economy
dc.subject Global Information & Communication
dc.subject Global Standards
dc.subject government entities
dc.subject government policies
dc.subject government services
dc.subject harmonization
dc.subject ICT
dc.subject identity theft
dc.subject information services
dc.subject information society
dc.subject Information Technology
dc.subject innovation
dc.subject innovations
dc.subject Institutional Framework
dc.subject Intellectual Property
dc.subject Intellectual Property Rights
dc.subject international policy
dc.subject International Telecommunication
dc.subject international trade
dc.subject internet governance
dc.subject Internet services
dc.subject interoperability
dc.subject IP
dc.subject law enforcement
dc.subject Leased lines
dc.subject legal experts
dc.subject legal issues
dc.subject licenses
dc.subject LICENSING
dc.subject Literacy
dc.subject manufacturing
dc.subject market access
dc.subject market share
dc.subject material
dc.subject media
dc.subject mobile devices
dc.subject mobile network
dc.subject mobile phone
dc.subject mobile phones
dc.subject mobile service
dc.subject mobile services
dc.subject mobile telephony
dc.subject monitors
dc.subject network infrastructure
dc.subject networking
dc.subject networks
dc.subject new market
dc.subject New Technologies
dc.subject next generation
dc.subject niche markets
dc.subject open access
dc.subject penetration rate
dc.subject phone number
dc.subject photos
dc.subject political will
dc.subject postal services
dc.subject Privacy
dc.subject private sector
dc.subject productivity
dc.subject Protocol
dc.subject PTT
dc.subject public utility
dc.subject quality of service
dc.subject queries
dc.subject Radio
dc.subject radio communications
dc.subject Radio Spectrum
dc.subject regulatory agencies
dc.subject regulatory environment
dc.subject regulatory framework
dc.subject regulatory frameworks
dc.subject regulatory mandate
dc.subject regulatory reform
dc.subject result
dc.subject ROM
dc.subject satellite
dc.subject search
dc.subject service provider
dc.subject service providers
dc.subject spam
dc.subject specialized applications
dc.subject Spectrum Management
dc.subject technical issues
dc.subject technical skills
dc.subject Technical Standards
dc.subject Technical University
dc.subject technological change
dc.subject technological development
dc.subject technological innovation
dc.subject Telecom
dc.subject Telecommunication Development
dc.subject telecommunication sectors
dc.subject Telecommunications Authorities
dc.subject Telecommunications Authority
dc.subject telecommunications companies
dc.subject telecommunications industry
dc.subject telecommunications markets
dc.subject telecommunications networks
dc.subject telecommunications operators
dc.subject Telecommunications Policy
dc.subject telecommunications providers
dc.subject telecommunications reform
dc.subject telecommunications reforms
dc.subject telecommunications regulator
dc.subject telecommunications sector
dc.subject telecommunications services
dc.subject Telecoms
dc.subject Telecoms Reform
dc.subject teledensity
dc.subject telephone
dc.subject telephone lines
dc.subject telephone service
dc.subject telephone services
dc.subject telephones
dc.subject Television
dc.subject television channels
dc.subject terminals
dc.subject text
dc.subject Universal Service
dc.subject usability
dc.subject users
dc.subject video
dc.subject Voice over Internet Protocol
dc.subject voice telephony
dc.subject VoIP
dc.subject VSAT
dc.subject wealth creation
dc.subject Web
dc.subject wireless
dc.subject wireless communications
dc.subject Wireless Services
dc.subject WORLD TRADE
dc.title Telecommunications Regulation Handbook : Tenth Anniversary Edition en
dspace.entity.type Publication
okr.crosscuttingsolutionarea Jobs 2012-12-27
okr.doctype Publications & Research :: Working Paper
okr.doctype Publications & Research
okr.globalpractice Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management
okr.globalpractice Education
okr.globalpractice Transport and ICT
okr.globalpractice Trade and Competitiveness 74543
okr.language.supported en
okr.sector Information and communications :: Information technology
okr.theme Financial and private sector development :: Infrastructure services for private sector development
okr.theme Financial and private sector development :: Regulation and competition policy
okr.topic Education :: Education for the Knowledge Economy
okr.topic Industry
okr.topic Information and Communication Technologies :: ICT Policy and Strategies
okr.topic Macroeconomics and Economic Growth :: Knowledge Economy
okr.topic Private Sector Development :: E-Business
okr.topic Technology Industry
okr.unit Info. Dvlpmt (InfoDev)-Grant Adm (FIEID)
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