Del Carpio, Ximena Vanessa Del Carpio, Ximena Vanessa Del Carpio, Ximena V. Del Carpio, Ximena Del Carpio, X. true
authorProfile.biography Ximena Vanessa Del Carpio is the World Bank Program Leader in Turkey, Europe and Central Asia region. Under the leadership of the Country Director, she leads the program on Human Development Sectors (including Education, Health, Labor Markets, Social Inclusion, Jobs, Youth and Gender) as well as the Refugee Agenda. Prior to this, Del Carpio was a Senior Economist in the Social Protection and Labor global practice in Europe and Central Asia, and East Asia and Pacific. She also worked in the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group and the Human Development Network where she focused on evaluating the impact of various economic development programs in countries throughout Latin America and Africa. Before joining the World Bank, Del Carpio worked at the RAND Corporation and at the Minority Business Development Agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Del Carpio is originally from Peru, has a PhD in Political Economics from the University of Southern California and holds a dual MBA and Public Policy. Ph.D., Political Economics, University of Southern California Europe and Central Asia:##:
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authorProfile.specialization Migration
authorProfile.specialization Skills
authorProfile.specialization Labor market
authorProfile.specialization Impact of social policies
authorProfile.specialization Labor regulations
authorProfile.specialization Minimum wage
authorProfile.specialization Education
authorProfile.specialization Health
authorProfile.specialization Gender
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dc.title Del Carpio, Ximena Vanessa
dc.title.alternative Del Carpio, Ximena Vanessa
dc.title.alternative Del Carpio, Ximena V.
dc.title.alternative Del Carpio, Ximena
dc.title.alternative Del Carpio, X.
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person.familyName Del Carpio
person.givenName Ximena Vanessa
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