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Last updated: February 1, 2023
Robert Holzmann is elected fellow of Austrian Academy of Sciences and as of September 2019 governor of the Austrian Central Bank. He held academic positions in Austria, Australia, Germany and Malaysia, senior economist positions at OECD and IMF, and senior management positions at the World Bank where he was leading the pension strategy work. He has published 37 books and some 200 articles on financial, fiscal and social policy issues. He has travelled to over 90 countries in the world.

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    Assessing Benefit Portability for International Migrant Workers: A Review of the France-Morocco Bilateral Social Security Agreement
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2016-05) Holzmann, Robert; Dale, Pamela
    The portability of social benefits is gaining importance given the increasing share of individuals working at least part of their life outside their home country. Bilateral social security agreements (BSSAs) are considered a crucial approach to establishing portability, but the functionality and effectiveness of these agreements have not yet been investigated; thus, importance guidance for policy makers in migrant-sending and migrant-receiving countries is missing. To shed light on how BSSAs work in practice, this document is part of a series providing information and lessons from studies of portability in four diverse but comparable migration corridors: Austria-Turkey, Germany-Turkey, Belgium-Morocco, and France-Morocco. A summary policy paper draws broader conclusions and offers overarching policy recommendations. This report looks specifically into the working of the France-Morocco corridor. Findings suggest that the BSSA between France and Morocco is broadly working well, with only a few substantive issues in the area of pensions and the task of implementing access to health care for retired migrants under the new BSSA effective as of 2011. The pension issues cluster around access to survivor’s pensions in view of civil law differences of addressing divorces and repudiation and the non-exportability of minimum pension guarantees in line with European Union legislation and lacking reciprocity. Process issues around information provision in Morocco and automation of information exchange to speed up benefit processing are recognized.