Willman, Alys M. Willman, Alys M. Willman, Alys Willman, A. Willman-Navarro, Alys M. Willman-Navarro, Alys Willman-Navarro, A. true
authorProfile.biography Alys Willman, PhD, is a Social Development Specialist for the Social Cohesion and Violence Prevention Team at the World Bank, taking responsibility for analytical and project work on urban violence, youth violence and gender-based violence. She is the co-author of Violence in the City (World Bank 2011), and Societal Dynamics and Fragility (World Bank 2012), as well as various other books and articles on urban violence, youth violence, and illicit economies. Ms. Willman has worked over a dozen countries throughout Latin America, Africa and East Asia, with NGOs, bilateral agencies and the World Bank. PhD Social Cohesion and Violence Prevention Team :##::##: true
authorProfile.profile.public true
authorProfile.specialization Violence prevention; gender-based violence; youth violence; illicit economies; urban violence
authorProfile.updateDate 2014-02-25T17:30:36Z 2023-01-30T09:00:28Z 2023-01-30T09:00:28Z
dc.publisher Washington, DC: World Bank
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.title Willman, Alys M.
dc.title.alternative Willman, Alys M.
dc.title.alternative Willman, Alys
dc.title.alternative Willman, A.
dc.title.alternative Willman-Navarro, Alys M.
dc.title.alternative Willman-Navarro, Alys
dc.title.alternative Willman-Navarro, A.
dspace.entity.type Person
person.familyName Willman
person.givenName Alys M.
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