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authorProfile.biography Robert P. Beschel, Jr., is currently the Global Lead for the World Bank’s Center of Government Practice. He has written extensively on policy coordination and public sector reform and worked on Center of Government issues in a diverse number of countries. In 2010, he was recruited by the Office of Tony Blair and the Government of Kuwait to serve as Deputy Director for Policy (and subsequently as Director for Policy) in the newly created Technical and Advisory Office of the Prime Minister. Beschel has managed the Governance Systems Unit and headed the Governance and Public Accountability Cluster in the Bank’s Public Sector Anchor. He headed the Secretariat for the Governance and Anticorruption Council—the body that oversees the World Bank’s practice on issues of governance, integrity, and anticorruption. He oversaw the World Bank’s work on governance and public sector management in the Middle East and North Africa region from 2004 to 2010 and helped to lead the World Bank’s governance work in South Asia from 1999 to 2004. He served as the principal author for the Asian Development Bank’s Anticorruption Strategy in 1998. Ph.D. Global Practice on Governance:##:
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dc.title Beschel, Robert P.
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dc.title.alternative Beschel, Robert P.
dc.title.alternative Beschel, Robert P. Jr.
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person.givenName Robert P.
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