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Last updated January 31, 2023
Thomas Nikolakakis is a power sector consultant and PhD candidate at Columbia University focusing on modeling the components of the electricity grid, studying ways to minimize the technical and environmental impact of large-scale solar and wind integration. Thomas' research interests include renewable energy integration modeling, power flow analysis, thermodynamic modeling of energy production units and energy storage technologies, modeling deregulated power systems economics (Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch), and modeling operating emissions from different power sources.

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    Integrating Variable Renewable Energy into Power System Operations
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2015-01) Nikolakakis, Thomas ; Chatopadhyay, Debabrata
    Wind and solar energy is a fast-growing share of the global energy mix. But integrating them into power-system operations requires significant adaptations to compensate for their variability. Solutions include increasing the amount of flexible generation within the system, combining, and dispersing variable resources to smooth aggregate output, expanding the transmission network, using smart technology to control supply and demand, and storing electricity.