van den Berg, Caroline

authorProfile.OrchidId 0000-0002-1770-6830 van den Berg, Caroline van den Berg, C. van den Berg, Caroline H.J.M. van den Berg, Carolina H.J.M. true
authorProfile.biography Caroline van den Berg is working as a Lead Water Economist in the World Bank’s Global Water Practice, focusing mostly on the economics of water supply, wastewater, sanitation and irrigation water services.  She has extensive experience in the preparation and implementation of investment and development policy operations, and in applied research projects – with a work experience that extends over more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.   She works on cost-benefit analysis, financial analysis, monitoring and evaluation, benchmarking of utilities, regulation and pricing, energy efficiency in water projects and public finance mostly in relation to the water sector.  She has published regularly in academic journals.  Prior to joining the World Bank, she was a research economist, financial analyst and project economist in the private sector. She earned her M.A. in macroeconomics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands and a Ph.D. in spatial sciences from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). Ph.D., Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen Global Practice on Water:##:
authorProfile.department.url Global Practice on Water:##: false
authorProfile.specialization Water economics
authorProfile.specialization Public finance
authorProfile.specialization Monitoring and evaluation
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dc.title van den Berg, Caroline
dc.title.alternative van den Berg, Caroline
dc.title.alternative van den Berg, C.
dc.title.alternative van den Berg, Caroline H.J.M.
dc.title.alternative van den Berg, Carolina H.J.M.
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person.familyName van den Berg
person.givenName Caroline
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