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authorProfile.biography Mikio Ishiwatari is Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist at the World Bank, and has been engaged in the projects of flood risk management (FRM) and disaster risk management (DRM) in East Asia and Pacific Region since 2013. He was Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist at the World Bank Institute, and the focal point for the “Learning from Megadisaster” project in Tokyo. The project was launched by the Government of Japan and the World Bank in October 2011. Before moving to the World Bank in 2011, Mr. Ishiwatari was Senior Advisor on Disaster Management and Water Resources Management at Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). He led formulation of the Japanese assistance policies of climate change adaptation and community-based DRM. Also, he led the preparation and supervision of dozens of JICA projects. He conducted post-project review on JICA’s rehabilitation projects following the Indian Ocean Tsunami, and produced “Post-project review report on rehabilitation following the Indian Ocean Tsunami from a human security perspective”; and led to produce research paper “Community-based disaster management: lessons learned from JICA projects”. He worked at various positions of DRM and water resources management at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Japan for over 15 years. He formulated and supervised national projects of FRM and highways in Iwami District as Director for Hamada River and Road Office, and was responsible for research and technology development in DRM and water resource management as Senior Deputy Director for River Technology and Information. He worked as Urban Development Specialist at the Asian Development Bank. He was editor of “Special Issue: Japanese experience of disaster management, Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management”. He has written various articles on DRM, climate change adaptation, and peace building that were published in DRM journals and publications.  He is a member of “Committee on Building Resilience to Natural Disasters” of the Japan Science Society; and experienced a member of “Advisory Council of Development Assistance in Climate Change Adaptation” of Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan, a member of “Steering Committee of Water and Climate Change of Asia-Pacific Water Forum”, and other committees.  He was awarded the prize “Contribution to International Cooperation” by Japan Society of Civil Engineers in 2014. Ph.D. in International Studies, University of Tokyo; M.Sc. in Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo Water & Energy Management Unit, East Asia & Pacific Region:##::##: true
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dc.title Ishiwatari, Mikio
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