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These are journal articles published in World Bank journals as well as externally by World Bank authors.

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    Handshake is a quarterly journal on public-private partnerships commissioned by the World Bank Group Public-Private Partnerships unit and the International Finance Corporation.
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    Development Outreach

    Development Outreach was a magazine in the field of global knowledge for development. Managed by the World Bank Institute, it was published two or three times a year from 2009 to 2011 and reflected the learning programs of the World Bank. The magazine was designed to occupy the middle ground between scholarly journal and general interest magazine, and it presented a range of viewpoints from renowned authors and specialists worldwide. Articles on complex topics were written to be accessible to the general reader. Articles were reviewed by an international editorial board culled from the private sector, development community at large, and academia.

    Published two to three times per year 2008-2011

    Editors: Mary McNeil, José-Manuel Bassat, John P. Didier, Junko Saito, Sina Odugbem

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    World Bank Research Observer

    The World Bank Research Observer seeks to inform readers about research from both within and outside the World Bank, in areas of economics relevant for development policy. Requiring only a minimal background in economic analysis, its surveys and overviews of key issues in development economics research are intended for policymakers, project officers, professors and students of development economics and related disciplines, nonspecialists, and journalists keeping up to date.

    Papers for the Observer are not sent out to referees, but all articles published are assessed and approved by the Editorial Board, which includes three to four distinguished economists from outside the Bank.

    Published twice per year (three times until volume 16) 1996 to Present

    Editor: Peter Lanjouw

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    World Bank Economic Review

    The World Bank Economic Review publishes and disseminates innovative theoretical and empirical research that identifies, analyzes, measures, and evaluates the macro and micro-economic forces that promote or impede economic development. It aims to provide the knowledge necessary for designing, implementing, and sustaining effective development policies in low and middle income countries.

    The World Bank Economic Review is aimed at readers familiar with economic theory and analysis but not necessarily proficient in advanced mathematical or econometric techniques. Material comes from work conducted by World Bank staff and consultants, as well as outside researchers.

    Articles are reviewed by three referees, one from the World Bank and two from outside the institution.

    Published three times per year 1996 to Present

    Editors: Eric Edmonds, Nina Pavcnik