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Education Notes is a series produced by the World Bank to share lessons learned from innovative approaches to improving education practice and policy around the globe. Background work for this piece was done in partnership, with support from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID).







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    Resource Guide for Teacher Professional Development Reforms
    (Washington, DC, 2022-09) World Bank
    Successful design and implementation of a teacher professional development (TPD) program require more than getting the technical details of an intervention right. What is required is to understand the policies, processes, actors, and institutions that may facilitate or hinder the successful design, and implementation of a TPD program. Practitioners with stronger understanding of the economic and political support for TPD reform are more likely to design and effectively implement programs that are sustainable and have stronger stakeholder buy-in. However, navigating reforms at the sector level is not an easy exercise, especially in contexts in which: (a) institutions may lack clear mandates; (b) resources are constrained and not always transparently executed; and (c) actors are not working in coordination and alignment. Designed to support Task Team Leaders (TTLs) through the process of TPD reform, this guide has two objectives: (1) highlight the key stages of TPD program development and the considerations for supporting TPD reforms; (2) increase access to available resources that can support improved diagnosis, design, implementation, and evaluation of TPD programs.
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    Structuring Effective 1-1 Support: Technical Guidance Note
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2021) Wilichowski, Tracy ; Popova, Anna
    Teachers in low- and middle-income countries often lack the knowledge to improve student achievement and exhibit weak cognitive skills and ineffective teaching practices. Teacher professional development (TPD) programs that are embedded as part of a larger comprehensive capacity development strategy and include ongoing individualized feedback have shown large positive effects on teachers' instruction, and, subsequently, on student learning outcomes. However, what this comprehensive professional development entails in practice has not been systematically documented. The questions are who in the system is best placed to support teachers; how many teachers should these individuals support; how often should these individuals visit teachers; and how long should these individuals observe and provide feedback. This technical guidance note provides explicit guidance for policymakers on how to structure the delivery of a successful in-service TPD coaching intervention. This note also can be used by Task Team Leaders (TTLs) to establish dialogue with their clients and to inform project preparation and supervision.