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    2019 ICSID Annual Report: Excellence in Investment Dispute Resolution
    (Washington, DC: ICSID, 2019-10-18) International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
    ICSID is an international facility available to States and foreign investors for the resolution of investment disputes. Established in 1966 by the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States (the ICSID Convention), it is the only global institution dedicated to international investment dispute settlement. Through its specialized rules of procedure, world-class facilities, and expert legal and administrative support, ICSID provides unparalleled dispute resolution services to States and investors. Since the first case was registered with ICSID in 1972, the majority of all known international investment disputes have been administered by ICSID.
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    ICSID 2015 Annual Report
    (World Bank Group, Washington, DC, 2015-10-09) International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
    2015 marked the ICSID Convention’s 50th anniversary and has been an opportunity to review and celebrate the accomplishments of ICSID’s first 50 years. Today ICSID is the premier international investment arbitration facility in the world, with the ICSID Convention ratified by 151 members and signed by a further eight States. The Centre’s activities in fiscal year 2015 are presented in detail in this report.