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    Vietnam 2010 : Entering the 21st Century
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2000-11-29) World Bank; Asian Development Bank; United Nations Development Program
    The study outlines the socioeconomic development strategy for Vietnam, during the first decade of the twenty first century, envisaging sustainable economic development, to rapidly adjust to social stability, while maintaining cultural, and traditional ties. The aim is to become a socialist market economy, fully integrated into the global economy, internationally competitive, with characteristics of an industrialized, and knowledge-based society within twenty years. This vision articulates the eradication of hunger, and hard-core poverty, emphasizing universal lower secondary education. Likewise, it intends to reduce child malnutrition, increase life expectancy, and raise access to clean water in urban areas. However, the vision requires a doubling of the GDP by 2010, through increased investments and growing exports, declining agricultural inputs, but increasing the industrial, and services share. Part I of the report, still undergoing extensive consultations within the Government, and civil society, provides the strategic directions for the country, examining enterprise development, rural development, human and social development, infrastructure, environmental quality, and governance. Part II addresses stronger partnerships to help the Government implement this strategy, through a series of thematic notes, which describe donor participation, and international development assistance.