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This includes miscellaneous ESW types and pre-2003 ESW type reports that are subsequently completed and released.

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    Development of Construction Industry : A Literature Review
    (2007-11-01) Mir, Aized H.; Durrani, Amer Z.; Tanvir, Mehreen
    The construction industry in Pakistan is well aware of the challenges it faces and its issues, constraints, and recommendations are also well documented in reports published from time to time. This study shows that business environment (demand-side), Human Resources (HR), equipment and materials are key factors restraining growth therefore showing that there are no short-term fixes for these problems. A sustained long-term committed approach to developing the construction industry (contractors, consultants, and, clients) is of paramount importance. Considering the Government of Pakistan's (GoP) ambitious development plans for the coming years, innovative and out of the box solutions will be required to deliver the proposed infrastructure projects.
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    Pakistan - North West Frontier Province Economic Report : Accelerating Growth and Improving Public Service Delivery in the NWFP : The Way Forward
    (Washington, DC, 2005-12) World Bank
    This report contends that the key to unleashing the North West Frontier Province's possibilities and to improving the lives of its citizens is strengthening the governance and policy environment in the province for both the private and the public sectors, and investing in the provinces' most valuable resource - its people. Reforms and efforts in the past few years have already started to translate into higher growth, improved incomes, and better living conditions for the citizens of the NWFP. This report outlines a strategy that builds on these successes and recommends policies to accelerate development in the province. The report recommends a comprehensive set of reforms and particularly advocates economic, fiscal, and institutional reform to improve outcomes for income growth, job creation, poverty reduction, and human development.