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    Financial Sector Policy for Developing Countries : A Reader
    (Washington, DC: World Bank, 2002) Caprio, Gerard; Honohan, Patrick; Vittas, Dimitri; Caprio, Gerard; Honohan, Patrick; Vittas, Dimitri
    The dramatic events of the late 1990s, which followed a wave of financial crises going back to the early 1980s, brought to center stage the issue of financial sector policy in developing countries. Many recent books have presented a chronology and interpretation of the crises, but it is little apreciated that these financial sector problems had been brewing for decades and that a small number of scholars had long been evolving an approach to undertanding the structure and dynamics of these sectors. Spearheaded by a group led by Millard Long, the World Bank began studying more than 20 years ago the problems, risks, and policy solutions surrounding private finance. This volume contains a collection of essays drawing on that accumulated experience and offering a wide perspective based on extensive real-world institutional experience. They are a useful reader on a wide range of the financial policy issues that are central in developing economies today. They reflect also the evolving approach of the Bank's financial sector team and represent the knowledge that the team has accumulated over the years.