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    Building a Dataset for Non-Tariff Measures and its Usage: The Case of Indonesia and Applicability for Other Countries
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2023) Montfaucon, Angella Faith ; Cali, Massimiliano ; Agnimaruto, Bayu ; Silberring, Jana Mirjam ; Hasmand, Agnesia Adhissa ; Lakatos, Csilla ; Pasha, Mochamad
    As import tariffs have been declining over the past decades, non-tariff measures (NTMs) have become the most frequently used measures in trade policy. The increasing use of NTMs in global trade has highlighted the need for timely, high frequency and accurate data in order to better understand the implications that NTMs have on products, firms and the economy. This manual describes the first high-frequency panel dataset built by the World Bank on the universe of NTMs applied by a country, i.e. Indonesia. The manual includes a comprehensive overview of the purpose, building procedures and usage of the data for Indonesia. The dataset expands on and improves on existing data on Indonesian NTMs collected by other institutions (UNCTAD and ERIA) by covering a broader source base, customizing the data, and by increasing the frequency of updates. By documenting the data collection and transformation process, the manual hopes to facilitate the construction of similar datasets in other countries.