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    Grow Solar, Save Water, Double Farmer Income: An Innovative Approach to Addressing Water-Energy-Agriculture Nexus in Rajasthan
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2020-01) Gulati, Mohinder P. ; Priya, Satya ; Bresnyan, Edward W.
    The key objective of this study is to explore practical, politically feasible, scalable, and sustainable approaches to address the challenge of adverse water-energy-agriculture nexus in Rajasthan. Advancements in solar and communication technologies have opened new possibilities to take a fresh look at the nexus and realign the incentives and interests of the farmers, power utilities, the government, and other stakeholders to create win-win opportunities. This study presents alternatives that have the potential to achieve the trifecta of increased irrigation energy efficiency, water conservation, and doubling farmer income. The study is in five chapters. Chapter one lays out the objectives of the study. Chapter two presents the sectoral and nexus context and an approach to review sectoral policies in a nexus framework. Chapter three presents alternatives for addressing the challenges posed by adverse nexus, and potential business models. Chapter four examines the comparative advantages and disadvantages of three institutional models for implementation. Chapter five presents the study’s conclusions and recommendations.