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Gridlines share emerging knowledge on public-private partnership and give an overview of a wide selection of projects from various regions of the world. Gridlines are a publication of PPIAF (Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility), a multi-donor technical assistance facility. Through technical assistance and knowledge dissemination PPIAF supports the efforts of policy makers, nongovernmental organizations, research institutions, and others in designing and implementing strategies to tap the full potential of private involvement in infrastructure.

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    Relying on Expert Panels to Help Settle Regulatory Disputes : Lessons from Chilean Experience
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2007-05) Jadresic, Alejandro ; Bertolini, Lorenzo
    Starting in the 1980s Chile initiated wide-ranging economic reforms, paving the way for private sector involvement in major infrastructure sectors. With these reforms came new regulatory rules, institutions, and processes to manage the interests and expectations of such diverse stakeholders as the government, consumers, and service providers. One innovative feature is the use of expert panels -- specialized, independent, ad hoc entities affiliated with neither the government nor the sector regulator -- to resolve disputes arising from regulatory decisions. The Chilean experience with these panels offers useful lessons for policymakers.
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    How to Improve Regulatory Transparency : Emerging Lessons from an International Assessment
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2006-06) Bertolini, Lorenzo
    Managing the different and often conflicting interests and expectations of stakeholders-the government, consumers, service providers-is a demanding task for infrastructure regulators. Transparency can be a big help. A core principle of good regulatory governance, transparency creates credibility for regulatory decisions and helps foster sustainable investment in infrastructure. How can policymakers and regulators best improve regulatory transparency: a recent Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF)-funded review of international experience identifies emerging lessons.