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Gridlines share emerging knowledge on public-private partnership and give an overview of a wide selection of projects from various regions of the world. Gridlines are a publication of PPIAF (Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility), a multi-donor technical assistance facility. Through technical assistance and knowledge dissemination PPIAF supports the efforts of policy makers, nongovernmental organizations, research institutions, and others in designing and implementing strategies to tap the full potential of private involvement in infrastructure.

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    The Role of Developing Country Firms in Infrastructure : New Data Confirm the Emergence of a New Class of Investors
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2008-06) Schur, Michael; Klaudy, Stephan von; Pushak, Nataliya; Sanghi, Apurva; Dellacha, Georgina
    Developing country investors have emerged as a major source of investment finance for infrastructure projects with private participation. This update of the article in 2006, shows that, indeed, during 1998-2006 these investors accounted for more of this finance in South Asia and East Asia and Pacific, and for more in transport across developing regions than did investors from developed countries. Even though the policy implications are not yet fully clear for policy makers, this development suggests a need to rethink the criteria used in selecting investors in schemes for private participation, which have been biased toward large international operators.