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Designing a Multi-Stakeholder Results Framework : A Toolkit to Guide Participatory Diagnostics and Planning for Stronger Results and Effectiveness

2013-11, World Bank Institute

This toolkit provides guidance to strengthen the results and effectiveness of multi-stakeholder development planning, including practical tools and processes. The toolkit guides collaborative steps, such as setting goals, diagnosing institutional problems and monitoring outcomes, all to produce a multi-stakeholder, outcome-based results framework to prepare a development strategy or plan and to implement with a strong result focus. It also includes guidance to use the results framework to highlight potentially high-impact areas for strengthening multi-stakeholder activities and to integrate monitoring and budget planning to a common set of outcomes. The toolkit gives special attention to the fragile context for development practitioners working in this area. The toolkit modules provide customizable resources to create a multi-stakeholder, outcome-based results framework. The modules can be used together as a complete resource or separately, focusing on modules that are of immediate interest. Although WBI originally developed the modules to support strategy design at the national level, they can also guide multi-stakeholder planning for results in other settings or key sectors where actors have diverse perspectives, with appropriate adjustments.