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    The Art of Knowledge Exchange : A Results-Focused Planning Guide for Development Practitioners, Second Edition Updated
    (Washington, DC, 2015) World Bank
    Knowledge exchange, or peer-to-peer learning, is a powerful way to share, replicate, and scale up what works in development. Development practitioners want to learn from the practical experience of others who have gone through, or are going through, similar challenges. They want to be connected to each other and have ready access to practical knowledge and solutions. When done right, knowledge exchange can build the capacity, confidence, and conviction of individuals and groups to act. Examples of these direct results or intermediate outcomes from a knowledge exchange include: i) technical water specialists in several sub-districts of Bangladesh learn new skills to replicate good practices (shared by their peers) for building and maintaining a safe water supply; ii) dairy sector and ministry of agriculture officials in Tanzania reach agreement on a blueprint of potential dairy sector reforms because of a new shared understanding and improved collaboration; and iii) farmers in Kenya adopt an innovative rice growing methodology, System of Rice Intensification (SRI), to increase the yield from their land after learning from the experience of countries that pioneered this methodology. This edition contains a full revision of the original art of knowledge exchange as well as new chapters on implementation and results. It draws lessons from over 100 exchanges financed by the World Bank South-South Facility, analytical work conducted by the World Bank Institute and the Task Team for South-South Cooperation, and reflects the experiences of dozens of World Bank Group staff, learning professionals, government officials, and other international development practitioners who have brokered and participated in South-South knowledge exchange activities.