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    Union of the Comoros : Debt Management Performance Assessment
    (Washington, Dc, 2011-06) World Bank
    This study shows that performance in terms of debt management has been weakened by recurrent political and institutional crises experienced by the country in recent years and has had a negative impact on the State's ability to both mobilize external financing and to honor its financial commitments. The accumulation of external arrears has increased by extension of the depletion sources of funding. However, the government recently initiated numerous actions contributing to a more serene climate at home with the establishment of democratic governance, developing a program of poverty reduction and regularization of arrears. This more favorable environment will soon pave the way for more substantial outside funding, especially following the accession of the Comoros to the enhanced Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC), and therefore requires the full attention of the authorities to implement better management of public debt. This evaluation is part of this perspective. Overall, performance in terms of debt management in the Comoros is satisfactory in all three of the following areas: (i) coordination with fiscal policy, including the integration of forecasts and actual payment of debt service in the preparation and monitoring of budget, (ii) coordination with monetary policy focused on the management of statutory advances granted by the Central Bank of Comoros (BCC), and (iii) procedures for payment of service external debt.