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    Subnational Debt Management Performance Assessment: Ogun State, Nigeria
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2019-11) World Bank
    At the request of the authorities, a World Bank (WB) subnational debt management performance assessment (SN-DeMPA) mission visited Ogun state, Nigeria between April 8 to 12, 2019. The main objective of the mission was to assess, jointly with the authorities, the current debt management performance of Ogun state. To meet this objective, the team worked closely with the debt management department (DMD) and met with other relevant state agencies and departments involved in public debt management. The SN-DeMPA observed several debt management functions that may benefit from improvements to meet the minimum effectiveness in DeM.
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    Debt Management Performance Assessment : Nigeria
    (Washington, DC, 2012-05) World Bank
    The DeMPA is a methodology for assessing public debt management performance through a comprehensive set of indicators spanning the full range of government debt management functions. The DeMPA tool presents debt performance indicators along with a scoring methodology. This report pertains to a debt management performance assessment of Nigeria in 2012. Areas with very high scores include the managerial set-up, evaluation of debt management operations, as well as domestic and external borrowing practices. There have been substantial improvements in management of operational risks, demonstrated by the availability of procedures manuals and data security and back-ups, and in debt reporting.