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    Debt Management Performance Assessment : Republic of Moldova
    (Washington, DC, 2008-04) World Bank
    The Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) comprises a set of fifteen debt performance indicators (DPIs), which aim to encompass the complete spectrum of government debt management (DeM) operations as well as the overall environment in which these operations are conducted. While the DeMPA does not specify recommendations on reforms and/or capacity and institution building needs, the performance indicators do stipulate a minimum level that should be met under all conditions. Consequently, if the assessment shows that the minimum requirements are not met, this will clearly indicate an area requiring attention or priority reform. The scope of the DeMPA is central government debt management activities and closely related functions such as issuance of loan guarantees, on-lending, and cash flow forecasting and cash balance management. Thus, the DeMPA does not assess the ability to manage the wider public debt, including implicit contingent liabilities (such as liabilities of the pension system, losses of state-owned enterprises (SOE), etc.), as well as debt of SOE, if these are not guaranteed by the central government.