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    Niger - Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA)
    (Washington, DC, 2022-03) World Bank
    This report assesses Niger’s debt management capacity and institutions through the application of the Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) methodology. Revisiting the five core dimension areas of the DEMPA, there are key features that stand out. First, in governance and debt management strategy benefit from clear legal frameworks for borrowing activities. Implementation needs to be improved, including mainly the assessment of Niger’s debt management strategy. Second, there is a good coordination of debt management strategy with macroeconomic policies due to the clear separation between monetary policy and debt management activities and the use of harmonized debt projections for the budget and the debt management strategy. Third, with respect to borrowing and related financing activities, the Government makes use of market-based instruments on the regional market to fund domestic borrowing requirements, but external debt strategy needs to build on an annual borrowing plan. Fourth, good cash flow forecasting and good cash balance management build on the creation of the Treasury Single Account. Fifth, debt recording, and operational risk management are in need of significant improvements. The report has more detailed overview of these aspects and the progress made since the last DEMPA in 2012.