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    The Evolving Role of the Planning Function: International Experience and Reform Options for India
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2021-11-01) World Bank
    This note presents the main trends in strategic planning across public sector administrations in seven countries: Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, South Korea, and Colombia. It was prepared in response to the Indian Government's interest in understanding the emerging trends in the evolution of strategic planning in a range of countries and effectively adapting this function across public administration at the national and subnational levels.
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    Managing Groundwater for Drought Resilience in South Asia
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2020-01) World Bank
    This report presents the findings of a diagnostic study examining pathways and options for strengthening the governance of South Asia’s groundwater resources in the face of climate change and increasing reliance on the resource by dependent communities, particularly during times of drought. This study identifies, analyzes, and recommends management interventions that aid reforms of groundwater governance and, thus, greater sustainability of groundwater; in addition, these management interventions can strengthen drought resilience within the South Asia region. A broad analytical framework and a series of case studies comprise most of the report. These cover a range of policy and management approaches in different hydrogeological and socioeconomic settings with reference to key groundwater challenges. They provide insights and potential solutions, tailored to specific groundwater resources and contextual problems across South Asia.