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    Creating Impact: The Promise of Impact Investing
    (International Finance Corporation, Washington, DC, 2019-11-01) International Finance Corporation
    This report takes stock of the market for impact investing and examines the conditions that would allow the market to grow and realize its potential. Historically, there have always been investors who cared about more than just financial returns. Governments and philanthropists, for example, have set up investment vehicles with mandates to promote social and environmental goals. Over the last decade, impact investing has gained prominence as an approach to investment that aims to achieve both financial returns and social or environmental goals.1 This has created a dynamic but somewhat disorganized market of diverse participants, standards, and concepts. Although still small, the market is attracting considerable interest, and it has the potential to increase in scale, and thereby contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris climate goals.
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    Papua New Guinea Financial Consumer Protection Diagnostic 2018
    (International Finance Corporation, Washington, DC, 2018-10-01) International Finance Corporation; World Bank
    The objective of the diagnostic review of financial consumer protection in PNG was to assess the FCP legal and regulatory framework and industry practices relevant to key parts of the regulated PNG financial sector. The diagnostic specifically considers the banking, non-bank financial institutions (NBFI), insurance, and payments sectors. Preliminary consideration has also been given to the superannuation sector and the securities, investments and informal sectors are not within the scope of this review. The review was conducted based on the revised and enhanced 2017 World Bank Good Practices for Financial Consumer Protection and the G20 High – Level Principles on Financial Consumer Protection and Digital Financial Inclusion. Regard has also been had to the Better Than Cash Alliance Responsible Digital Payments Guidelines. The following topics have been covered: (i) legal and regulatory framework; (ii) FCP supervision and capacity; (iii) transparency and fair treatment; and (iv) consumer complaints. A broad variety of stakeholders were consulted for the purposes of this diagnostic review, including government entities and regulators, representatives of the banking, NBFI, insurance and payments sectors and industry associations. The report was prepared as part of the PNG Financial Consumer Protection Project, funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Australia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New Zealand under the PNG Partnership.
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    Guidance for Supervisory Board Members of Banks
    (International Finance Corporation, Washington, DC, 2006-09) International Finance Corporation
    This manual, for present and prospective Supervisory Board (SB) members of non-complex banks, is intended to provide a guide to international best practice. It is designed to help SB in a practical way attend and maintain high standard of internal governance. This manual provides an overview. SB members are advised to familiarize themselves with the scope of the relevant legislation as they may be personally liable for breaches of certain provisions. This manual gives SB members fundamental understanding of their tasks. For more publications on IFC Sustainability please visit www.ifc.org/sustainabilitypublications.