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    Madagascar Country Economic Memorandum: Scaling Success - Building a Resilient Economy
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2020-02) World Bank Group
    Madagascar is characterized by an expanding economy and a peaceful transition of power, providing a solid basis for achieving a more productive, inclusive, and sustainable growth trajectory. Given the vast opportunities, but also substantial challenges, the objective of the Madagascar country economic memorandum is to inform the policy dialogue on how the country’s inclusive growth potential can be harnessed. The country economic memorandum takes an evidence-based approach to informing policy on how opportunities for achieving productive, inclusive, and sustainable growth can be realized. Accelerating the current pace of growth requires further expanding the bright spots of the economy, which are focused on exports and investment related activities. The bright spots are creating jobs at the fastest pace, are resilient to shocks and have linkages with other sectors of the economy. Scaling success requires addressing constraints related to connectivity, human capital, and the business environment, while incentivizing the uptake of improved technologies to enable other sectors, such as agriculture, to realize their potential.