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This series promotes debate and disseminates knowledge and analysis on economic and social development issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. Books in this series discuss economic growth, structural reforms, social security, globalization and its social effects, poverty reduction strategies, macroeconomic stability and capital flows, financial systems and market reforms, and more. Sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), and the World Bank, the series seeks to convey the excitement and complexity of the most topical issues in the region. Titles in this peer-reviewed series are selected for their relevance to the academic community and represent the highest quality research output of each institution.

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    Does the Investment Climate Matter? Microeconomic Foundations of Growth in Latin America
    (Washington, DC : The World Bank, 2009) Fajnzylber, Pablo ; Guasch, J. Luis ; López, J. Humberto
    This book aims to fill that gap by using extensive and new firm-level data. It provides an alternative, albeit complementary, approach to previous studies of the determinants of the region's growth performance, which are mostly based on cross-country regressions using aggregate data. This book uses the information contained in enterprise surveys performed in 16 Latin American and Caribbean countries, covering more than 10,000 firms. These data are complemented with information from household surveys, as well as from enterprise surveys performed in other regions of the world. The analysis in this volume covers topics that have also been stressed by other authors, such as the need to make progress in the areas of financial sector development, export promotion, and innovation policy. The book's contribution in this regard is to inform the corresponding policy debates with evidence on the effect of different policy environments on firm performance. Overall this book will contribute to identifying some of the underlying factors that are driving Latin America's lackluster growth performance. In particular, objective is to improve our understanding of the policies that could have a larger influence on increasing growth and productivity in the region, by means of improving the environment in which firms invest and operate.
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    Natural Resources : Neither Curse nor Destiny
    (Washington, DC: World Bank, 2007) Lederman, Daniel ; Maloney, William F.
    This volume studies the role of natural resources in development and economic diversification. It brings together a variety of analytical perspectives, ranging from econometric analyses of economic growth to historical studies of successful development experiences in countries with abundant natural resources.
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    Globalization and Development : A Latin American and Caribbean Perspective
    (Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press, 2003-09) Ocampo, José Antonio ; Martin, Juan ; Ocampo, José Antonio ; Martin, Juan
    This book is organized as follows: Chapter 1) Globalization: a Historical, Multidimensional - Perspective. Chapter 2) International Trade and the New Global Production - Structure. Chapter 3) The International Mobility of Capital and Labor. Chapter 4) Inequalities and Asymmetries in the Global Order. Chapter 5) An Agenda for the Global Era