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This series of public policy briefs focuses on the private sector and the financial crisis, assessing the policy responses, shedding light on financial reforms currently under debate, and providing insights for emerging-market policy makers.

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    Bank Governance
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2010-03) Ard, Laura; Berg, Alexander
    Principles of good governance have been a major component of international financial standards and are seen as essential to the stability and integrity of financial systems. Over the past 10 years much energy and attention have gone to improving the ability of company boards, managers, and owners to prudently navigate rapidly changing and volatile market conditions. So, how to explain the events of 2007-08? Many of the recent problems can be traced to flawed implementation of good principles and to behavior prompted by increasingly short-term performance horizons.
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    State Financial Institutions : Can They Be Relied on to Kick-Start Lending?
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2010-01) Rudolph, Heinz P.
    The need to kick-start lending to the real sector in response to the global financial crisis is leading many countries to expand the role of state-owned financial institutions. The effectiveness of the support by these institutions depends in large part on the nature of the shock, on their ability to leverage private commercial banks to scale up their impact, and on the existence of a sound institutional framework. While it is too early to evaluate their effectiveness, past experience with the use of such institutions is sobering. Whether countries will heed the les sons of this experience remains to be seen.