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International Finance Corporation is a member of the World Bank Group. IFC’s purpose is to create opportunity for people to escape poverty and improve their lives by: promoting open and competitive markets in developing countries, supporting companies and other private sector partners where there is a gap, helping generate productive jobs and deliver essential services to the underserved, and catalyzing and mobilizing other sources of finance for private enterprise development. \r + \r + To achieve our purpose, IFC offers development impact solutions through firm-level interventions (direct investments, Advisory Services, and IFC Asset Management Company), standard setting, and business-enabling environment work.

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    2003 Annual Report : Innovation, Impact, Sustainability--IFC's Commitment, Volume 2
    (Washington, DC, 2003-06) International Finance Corporation
    This annual report reviews the International Finance Corporation's (IFC) operations activity during FY03, a period that emphasized coordination, and mutually reinforcing efforts among World Bank Group units, particularly in pursuing private sector development in client countries. The report stresses the need for support of IFC's priorities, including emerging, and frontier markets, technical assistance, and advisory services to help improve investment climates, and small and medium enterprises. Also underscored, is the significance of IFC's presence in difficult, country environments as a central component of its development mandate, while IFC's counter-cyclical role in the face of heightened investor uncertainty, and volatility of capital flows to developing countries, is recognized, as is the Corporation's performance within the annual portfolio performance review, despite continued difficulty in the global economic environment. IFC's financial management is reviewed, and its leadership for protecting the Corporation's financial integrity, without compromising its development mandate, was commendable, though the need to maintain profitability, while increasing development impacts, is stressed. The report presents financial highlights, particularly outlining IFC's commitment to innovation, impact, and sustainability, and further identifies the period's operational, and regional outlook. The annual review also summarizes the financial and portfolio reviews, as well as technical assistance and advisory services during FY03.
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    IFC 2001 Annual Report : Volume 2. Management's Discussion and Analysis, Financial Statements, and Investment Portfolio
    (Washington, DC, 2001) International Finance Corporation
    This 2001 Annual Report for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) presents financial highlights, IFC products and services, the investment portfolio, regional reports, project evaluations, and the organization's financial statements.
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    IFC 2000 Annual Report : Volume 2. Financial Review
    (Washington, DC, 2000-08) International Finance Corporation
    This is the International Finance Corporation (IFC) annual report for FY2000, which outlines its increased gross approvals, led by a record of new investments in Sub-Saharan Africa; the realization of its second-highest-ever annual net income; and, the significant resurgence in commercial bank lending through its syndications program. However, during the period IFC also felt the push of reformers, and critics, and the effects of a changing market place. Responsive to changing needs, IFC looks at how to bridge the digital divide which threatens the developing world; at ways to strengthen domestic financial markets; at how to address basic infrastructure; and, at how to improve access to health care and education, as well as how to improve environmental, and social sustainability. IFC's single largest sectoral focus remains the financial sector, which amounted to forty six percent of new approvals, though strategic priorities were further refined to align its activities with market realities, by building business, and creating job opportunities. Moreover, it has pioneered corporate environmental and social responsibility, by moving the private sector to actively promote economic development. IFC activities during FY2000 are presented, and, through case studies, shows the range of projects, by region and investment type. Finally, IFC's financial review describes performance, funding management, capital earnings, as well as risk management, and credit risk.