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Water Papers are produced by the Water Global Practice, taking up the work of the predecessor Water Unit, Transport, Water and ICT Department, Sustainable Development Vice Presidency.

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    Watershed: A New Era of Water Governance in China - Thematic Report
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2019-12-01) World Bank
    Each of the chapters presented in this report is based on a series of 15 thematic reports. They provided the basis for the joint identification of key priority reforms by the World Bank and China that were bought together and published in an accompanying Synthesis Report. Topics included: (1) overview of water governance in China; (2) evaluation of China’s water security status and issues; (3) advancing water quality markets in China; (4) macro-economic impacts of water scarcity and redlines in China; (5) re-examining the Three Red Lines Policy; (6) water rights verifications and transactions; (7) best practices in cost-benefit analysis for water investments; (8) water prices, taxes, and fees; (9) flood risk management and protection; (10) ecology compensation and governance; (11) legal reform for water governance; (12) China’s water management administrative system and its reform; (13) technical innovation and development of an information platform in China; (14) Public Private Partnerships and water governance in China; (15) summary and overall design of China’s water governance system. These discussions emphasized key issues for water governance in China, including the need for a stronger legislative foundation for water governance; enhanced basin-scale governance institutions; harmonization of existing policy tools, such as water permits and water rights; better information and data-sharing; and the need to promote ecosystem resilience. Based on these consultations and discussions, a final set of 15 key recommendations have been put forward. These recommendations form the core of the accompanying Synthesis Report. Each priority area is the subject of a separate chapter focusing on the rationale for each of the policy recommendations, drawing on research completed by each study team.
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    Guide for Wastewater Management in Rural Villages in China
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2011-12) Haase, Peter H. ; Zhao, Joe ; Wang, Shenhua ; Godavitarne, Chandra
    There is an urgent need to provide practical guidelines for Chinese decision makers and officials to better understand the key issues and constraints related to rural wastewater management and to identify feasible solutions and tools to improve the performance and sustainability of these projects. To address these needs, the World Bank has developed this guide for wastewater management in rural villages in China. The Guide is intended to be a useful resource for Chinese policy makers and practitioners. It includes a review of historical and current policies and practices related to wastewater management in rural China. The Guide outlines a framework and strategies for establishing municipal and village level wastewater management programs. The overall objective of the guide is to identify key issues and to present effective strategies and approaches to implement sustainable wastewater management programs at the local jurisdictions in order to improve rural sanitation in China. A key objective of the guide is to present institutional, programmatic and technical guidelines that can be adopted by local jurisdictions, forming the basis for consistent, affordable, practical, and effective sanitation project planning, design, implementation, and operations.