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    Myanmar Fiscal Monitoring: Myanmar Budget Brief
    (Washington, DC, 2022-11) World Bank
    This budget brief presents a summary of developments in Myanmar’s public finances. This report includes two sections that cover the aggregate fiscal update and public finance developments in core service delivery ministries. The report relies on data obtained from published reports of the Ministry of Planning and Finance, and other publicly available information. Where news reports are referenced, additional efforts were made during the monitoring process to triangulate reports from several reputed news media sources to ensure the veracity of the information presented.
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    Improving Health Services in Myanmar through Public Financial Management Reform
    (World Bank, Washington, DC, 2021-08-03) World Bank
    To support socioeconomic development objectives and improve service delivery, the former government of Myanmar issued a public financial management (PFM) reform strategy (2019-2022). Plans were underway to modernize PFM legal and regulatory frameworks, systems, and practices to improve the efficiency of public expenditures and services that are critical for citizens. First Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and then recent political events in Myanmar not only disrupted service delivery, but also emphasized the criticality of public health service delivery. This brief offers a selective overview of a more in-depth assessment of the health sector conducted jointly by the former government and the World Bank in 2020 to support this effort. While it does not take into account the impact of political events that occurred in February 2021, it summarizes the assessment’s central findings and recommendations for enhancing health financing, service delivery, and efficiency at all levels of health care, when the conditions are right. The assessment is based on a large survey of health practitioners, including at the frontlines.