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    Pakistan : Infrastructure Implementation Capacity Assessment
    (Washington, DC, 2007) World Bank
    This assessment of the Pakistan Infrastructure Implementation Capacity (PIICA) which was carried out at the request of the GoP validates the view that the Government of Pakistan (GoP) plans to more than triple the infrastructure Public Sector Development Program (PSDP), but remains apprehensive about the capacity to implement such programs. In order to understand and address the issues which typically prevail in the industry, extensive analytical work, assembled around four broad based thematic areas - business environment, human resources, materials, equipment and machinery - was undertaken. The report concludes that the industry stakeholders lack capacity to deliver the planned medium term development framework (MTDF) infrastructure. The study has identified areas in which the GoP needs to carry out further work, detailed assessments and research such as: Rationalizing construction related taxes and tariff structures; Create a best practices project specific delivery organization (GoP could use Diamer or Bhasha Dam as an example) using an integrated construction process; Centralizing data on HR availability and future demand for better planning and management; Streamlining and facilitating import of construction equipment; Studying procedures to assist in improving cash flows on projects; Researching and adopting best practices for technical support, financing and credit facilities for the industry; and Institutional arrangements to provide long-term sustainable development of the industry.