5. Speeches by Paul Wolfowitz (2005-07)

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Paul Wolfowitz served as 10th President of the World Bank Group from 2005 to 2007.

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    The Clean Energy Challenge
    (2006-06-07) Wolfowitz, Paul
    Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank, remarked that a key goal of the World Bank is supporting developing countries in meeting their energy demands, and helping poor people escape from poverty, and doing so with a smaller environmental footprint. It is important to build a strong partnership between rich countries and developing countries. He talked about Brazil producing ethanol on an enormous scale and with exceptional efficiency where ethanol prices have been steadily coming down in Brazilian industry, when global energy prices have been coming up. He noted the need to remove unnecessary trade obstacles that make bio fuels less competitive. He concluded by saying that the goal of World Bank’s new Investment Framework for Clean Energy and Development is to provide advice, technical assistance, and investment programs to help the partner countries meet the energy challenges while protecting the natural environment.
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    Reaching for a Double Dividend
    (2005-12-20) Wolfowitz, Paul
    Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank, shared his thoughts about how the global community can face the double challenge of protecting our environment and strengthening our economies. Brazil is working to turn this double challenge into a double dividend, by meeting energy needs that are essential for growth and fighting poverty, while leaving a smaller environmental footprint. Investing in the environment is investing in the future of the poor. To improve the lives of the poor and to create job opportunities for them, the developing countries need much more energy than they use today. The second and much greater challenge lies in slowing the threat of deforestation. The World Bank Group’s mission is to support economic development and policies that helps the poor. He concluded saying that we can and will continue to work with Brazil to raise global consciousness about our shared responsibility toward our environment.